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Unique Spa Concepts & Unique Salon Concepts

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Creating Unique Spa Concepts & Unique Salon Concepts

Not long ago, a customer’s knowledge of the spa industry was limited to experiences at a few local day spas they frequented or, the resort spas they visited during either business or vacation travel. Today, the vast majority of hotel and resort guests expect the presence of a spa during their travels. Guests have a wider range of experiences today and consequently, much higher service expectations. Guests also want to experience not only their old favorites, but want to venture out and try new services.

Developing a unique spa concept is an important step. This is what sets your facility apart from the others.  This is where you can place your mark.  Potential guests often want to experience new environments that offer new and innovative treatments; however, those must compliment the basic standards in the industry. Unique concepts are developed in a variety of ways and those concepts and visions should be incorporated in marketing, space design, décor, service products, retail product assortments, specialty services, menu design, common area development, even the aroma within a facility. All elements must work together to create a cohesive, well-defined and designed concept. Our development staff specializes in the unique, original, and profitable spa concepts. Whether you have a spa theme in mind or, if you want us to develop one for you, Spa Advisors has the talent to deliver to the standards you expect.  Let us help you formulate an effective plan.

Defining a brand and image for your facility is a complicated, multi-step process.  Guest perception is so important and instrumental in the future success of the facility.  Developing a brand image that will be enticing, interesting, provocative, and able to lure a client into the facility takes planning and needs to be set in motion months before opening.

Branding your Unique Spa Concepts & Unique Salon Concepts:

The formulation of the message you want to portray to guests and potential guests must begin right after you decide to move forward.  Let us help you hone your ideas and bring your unique vision to light.  We can also develop a unique concept for you.  During this phase we:

Picture of lotion. Help with unique spa concepts.
  • Logo development
  • Identify and evaluate your market
  • Develop your brand statement
  • Define your brand
  • Define your facility’s culture and story
  • Evaluate trends in the market
  • Begin positioning of the brand
  • Define the core message
  • Develop a concept relatable to your target market
  • Develop social media platforms
  • Develop promotional campaigns, events calendar and marketing strategies by month and by year
  • Evaluate the most cost-effective means of marketing within a marketplace
  • Implement a tracking system to gauge effectiveness of marketing efforts
  • Develop a benchmark for consistency in print, electronic, social media, collateral materials
  • Determine most effective mediums for customer communication including special events, partnerships with local businesses, charitable events
  • Develop gift card, collateral materials, shopping bags, tissue, business cards and more
  • Menu development, layout
  • Define your facility’s culture and story
  • Evaluate trends in the market
  • Begin positioning of the brand
  • Develop web page
  • Keyword identity
  • Create branding focal walls within the facility
  • Develop brand identity in the retail boutique
  • Develop a web-based and printed menu of services
  • Develop unique signature services
  • Integrate core philosophies into service development and retail assortment

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