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Spa Business Plans or Salon Business Plans

Every great business began as a thought or a, “What If?” When a future business owner has a passion for the industry, figuring out the next steps can be overwhelming. Let us help you with your Spa Business Plan or Salon Business Plan. Careful and thoughtful planning is critical to your future business success. Understanding everything involved saves time and money further into the process. Most financing options require this type of detail: thought and planning. This 40-page document tells you what you need to know and puts your vision on paper.

Many factors determine whether a new day spa, a new resort spa, a new salon or a new medical spa will be profitable. It is critical to evaluate the location, the available labor pool, State and City regulations, the competition and their pricing structure, the product lines used, employee remuneration and research into what may be lacking in a community and figuring out if that need can be filled.

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How long will it be until the business is profitable? What factors often lead to a lack of profitability? What important factors in lease negotiations could protect you in the event of delays? What are the current spa trends and should they be part of your facility design and development? What research must be done to assure that the location and population can and will support your business? How and where will you find the right employees? All of these questions are addressed in our Phase One, Spa Business Plan Development, Salon Business Plan Development or Medical Spa Business Plan Development.

Before you sign the lease or purchase the property, call us. We can guide you through the process, help you develop and verbalize the concept and provide constructive ideas to save time and money.

Our Spa Business Plans, Salon Business Plans, Resort Spa Business Plans and Medical Spa Business Plans include all of this comprehensive data:

  • Five-Year Operating Budget and Financial Pro Forma
  • Spa Programming-Space Allocation-Maximization of Available Space
  • Five-Year Treatment Room Revenue Estimates, Occupancy and Utilization Analysis
  • Operating and Office Supply Budgets, Pre-Opening Expense Budgets (OS & E)
  • Detailed Fixture, Furniture and Equipment List by Room (FF & E)
  • Detailed Design and Décor Budget by Treatment Room
  • Payroll Assumptions and Suggested Remuneration for Employees or Rental or Lease Plans in Space Rental Facilities
  • Staffing Forecasts & Compensation Models
  • Outline of Services to be offered
  • Retail Strategy
  • Guest Experience & Standards
  • Cash Flow Analysis for Years One and Two
  • Demographic Overview of the Area-Target Market
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Timeline for your project (This 65-page document, customized for your project, takes you from start to finish)
  • Industry Overview using current market data and conditions
  • Comprehensive Studies made available to our clients from many top organizations in the industry

As every marketplace is different, we spend the time researching and getting to know your competitors, including their strengths and weaknesses, and work to formulate an effective plan to compete in the market.

No spa or salon project is too big or too small for our company. We work to fill our customer’s needs. Our company works across the United States, Canada and Mexico. We can assist you with your entire project or function in an advisory role.

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