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New Spa or Salon Project Phases

In order to keep things simple, we break our work into “Phases”. There are eight in all, each focusing on your spa or salon development in a logical manner. They include:

Phase One-Planning and Development

  • Feasibility Analysis and Financials
  • Spa Business Plan or Salon Business Plan
  • Spa or Salon Business Plan Development
  • Competitive Analysis & Market Overview
  • Anticipated Square Footage Estimates and Space Allocations

Phase Two-Lease Negotiations, Design and Architectural

  • Lease review
  • Space Planning
  • Identity Development & Image Outline
  • Working sessions with Architects and Designers
  • Equipment Selection
  • Interior Design, Finishes, Focal Walls
  • HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing specifications for facility
  • Retail Space Design or Retail Boutique Design

Phase Three-Service Menu Development, Vendor Selection, Equipment Procurement

  • Service Menu Development
  • Service Menu Pricing
  • Cost of Goods Analysis for Menu
  • Vendor Selection
  • Service Protocol Development
  • Equipment Purchasing and Negotiations
  • Retail Product Mix
  • Visual Displays and Props

Phase Four-System Selection Development

  • Spa or Salon Software System Research
  • Spa and Salon Software System Selection and Set Up
  • Begin Configuration of Software
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Electronic Marketing Systems, Data Base Development
  • Telephone & Data Systems Research
  • POS Systems Hardware and Set Up
  • Electronic Booking & Gift Certificate Sales
  • Training Manual Development
  • SOP Manual Development
  • Employee Handbook Development

Phase Five-Marketing, Branding, Web Page Development, Electronic Media

  • Web Page Development
  • Development of Strategic Partnerships
  • Charity and Community Outreach
  • Community affiliations, memberships
  • Marketing Calendar Development
  • Grand Opening Event Planning
  • Signature Promotion Development
  • Marketing Campaign Development

Phase Six-Product Procurement-Staffing, Permits and License Issues, Human Resources

  • Define Staffing Needs
  • Online applications and recruitment events
  • Identifying, Evaluating and Hiring Employees
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Establish vendor relations, local distributor accounts, etc.
  • Orders for all professional products
  • Orders for all retail items

Phase Seven-Training, Personnel Development, and Public Relations

  • Employee Development
  • Culture Training
  • Technician Training
  • Administrative Staff Training
  • Management Training
  • Spa Software Training
  • Media tours
  • Blogging and Digital Campaign Launch
  • Press Releases and Media

Phase Eight-Occupancy, Set Up and Grand Opening

  • Equipment Set Up
  • Facility Set Up
  • Merchandising
  • Visual Display
  • Grand Opening Events
  • Employee Evaluations and Guidance
  • Punch List

The First Step: Spa Business Plans and Spa Feasibility Analysis

Every great business began as a thought or a “What if?” When a future business owner has a passion for the industry, figuring out the next steps can be overwhelming. Let us help you with your Spa Business Plan or Salon Business Plan. Careful and thoughtful planning is critical to your future business success. Understanding everything involved saves time and money further into the process. Most financing options require this type of detail, thought and planning. This 40-page document tells you what you need to know.

Many factors determine whether a new day spa, a new resort spa, a new Salon or a new medical spa will be profitable. It is critical to evaluate the location, the available labor pool, State and City regulations, the competition and their pricing structure, the product lines used, employee remuneration, and research into what may be lacking in a community and can that need be filled. How long will it be until the business is profitable? What factors often lead to a lack of profitability? What important factors in lease negotiations could save protect you in the event of delays? What are the current spa trends and should they be part of your facility? What research must be done to assure the location and the population can and will support your business? How and where will you find the right employees? All of these questions are addressed in our Phase One or our Spa Business Plan Development, Salon Business Plan Development or Medical Spa Development.

Before you sign the lease or purchase the property, call us. We can guide you through the process, help you develop and verbalize the concept and provide constructive ideas to save time and money.

Our Spa Business Plan, Salon Business Plans, Resort Spa Business Plans and Medical Spa Business Plans or the Project Feasibility Analysis and Financials Includes all of this comprehensive data:

  • Five-Year Operating Budget and Financial Pro Forma
  • Spa Programming-Space Allocation-Maximization of Available Space
  • Five-Year Treatment Room Revenue Estimates, Occupancy and Utilization Analysis
  • Operating and Office Supply Budgets, Pre-Opening Expense Budgets (OS & E)
  • Detailed Fixture, Furniture and Equipment List by Room (FF & E)
  • Detailed Design and Décor Budget by Treatment Room
  • Payroll Assumptions and Suggested Remuneration for Employees or Rental or Lease Plans in Space Rental Facilities
  • Staffing Forecasts & Compensation Models
  • Services to be offered
  • Retail Strategy
  • Guest Experience
  • Cash Flow Analysis for Years One and Two
  • Demographic Overview of the Area-Target Market
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Timeline for your project (This 65-page document, customized for your project, takes you from start to finish)
  • Industry Overview using current market data and conditions

Up to the minute demographic information, market data, competitive analysis and more are utilized for the assumptions presented. Although there is no guarantee for success, strong and thorough research and a keen understanding of the competition and to effectively compete against them gives you an advantage.

No spa project is too big or too small for our company. We work to fit our customer’s needs. Our company works across the United States and abroad. We can assist with your entire project or act simply in an advisory role. Call us at 480-460-7727, for more information and to discuss your project.

Fixture, Furniture, Equipment, Electronics, Hardware and Software Selection

After the concept has been created, the floor plans drawn and rooms and services identified, the selection of professional equipment, both large and small begins. In addition, furniture and all interior decor items must be selected. We provide a detailed equipment list for each room utilizing the Good, Better, Best Concept based on your environment. From this, you select the equipment that best suits your preferences and budget. Only the best resources are used.

Computerized reservations, point-of-sale, and inventory management systems: Which one of the myriad of systems currently on the market is right for you? Since this is a critical component of your spa operation, we help you make the right decision. The detailed scope of work encompassed in this phase includes:

  • Selection of equipment based on Good, Better, Best Concept
  • Preferred list of equipment vendors with a strong reputation for service
  • Equipment specifications to architects and contractors
  • Coordination of delivery and installation of equipment
  • Review and recommend furniture fabrications throughout the facility
  • Provide detail lists of optional and mandatory signing
  • Coordination of demos for computerized system selections
  • Provide input on guest supply and locker room amenity programs

Professional Service Product Procurement:

  • Identification of all professional product lines for treatments. Negotiation of the best volume pricing available
  • Creation of Cost of Service Matrix for each service performed
  • Creation of professional inventory supply worksheets
  • Operational strategies for professional product distribution and use guidelines
  • Management training, professional inventory control, reorders, and par levels.

Facility Design, Decor and Layout

Space planning is critically important in the long-term success of the facility for a number of reasons. From the number of revenue centers possible to the amount of storage, amenities and necessities such as restrooms and guest lounges, nothing can be forgotten. Let our staff review your plans and identify missing, under-spaced or over-spaced areas.

We can work with your architect and designers or you can work through our contracted designers. This includes:

Facility Flow

  • Written program for the new facility
  • Review of styles and design preferences, focal wall identity
  • Evaluation and collaboration of ideas
  • Renderings of facility in total and by room
  • Style and finish boards
  • Soundproofing, noise abatement issues addressed
  • Wiring requirements, specifications for electrical, plumbing and other data relating to equipment
  • Initial renderings for each key space
  • Identification of millwork & permanent fixture locations
  • Budget development

Interior Design

  • Lighting selection
  • Paint, paper, finish recommendations
  • Flooring recommendations
  • Millwork and custom work design
  • Equipment specifications, colors, finishes
  • Integration of the five elements into every design
  • Color selection
  • Sourcing of all items when needed
  • Work with GC’s, designer and architects on budgets and schedules

Facility Design-Retail

Assisting architectural and design teams with regard to boutique layout, fixture selection, lighting, and other space requirements is essential to assure a seamless flow and transition from service to retail. In addition, making sure products are accessible between services gives guests the ability to peruse your assortment in their downtime.

Designing your retail space(s) is an integral part of your facility design. Whether you are contemplating a complete renovation of your facility or developing a new facility from scratch, we work with your architectural and design teams to create amazing boutiques and retail stores. This assures a cohesive finished product with seamless integration into your spa, medical spa, hair salon, nail salon or resort. Your boutique is likely the first and last part of the facility your guest will visit. Make sure it makes a positive impact, makes them feel welcome and entices them to purchase.

Our thoughtful design process includes:

  • Space planning, design and layout, functionality of the space
  • Increasing retail visibility throughout the facility
  • Retail space allocation and
  • Fixture placement and schematics
  • Development of focal walls and eye-catching design within the space
  • Signing, identifiers, light boxes
  • Assistance with lighting selection
  • Point-of-sale identification, cash wrap and storage design
  • Fixture recommendations and selection
  • Visual display and décor, selection of props
  • The development of secondary retail outlets within larger facilities
  • Visual merchandising

Merchandise Planning, Procurement and Assessment Tools

Selecting your retail assortment is as important as menu development. Will the products sell? How do they relate to the services offered within the facility? Will my clients be interested in the products we carry? Those are just a few of the questions you will likely ask before purchasing products for your retail assortment. Let us help you. Whether you have just a question or two or you need help from start to finish, we are ready to assist!

  • Product Selection
  • Assortment Planning
  • Identifying key items to avoid cost out-of-stock situations
  • Development of private label programs
  • Open-To-Buy development and evaluation
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Stock turn, gross margin expectations, retail sales projections
  • Technician retail goal setting and education

Collateral Development and Training

  • Collaboration with specific vendors for creating proprietary or branded products
  • Creation of product recommendation matrix (a technician tool) to encourage skin care product sales
  • Vendor identification and negotiations for best pricing on all service-related products and guest amenities related to retail
  • Cross-referencing professional service protocols and products to ensure inclusion in the retail component of the spa
  • Staff training programs and curriculum guides that integrate the retail component into each service
  • Standard operating product manual
  • Employee handbooks

Grand Opening and Beyond

Staff present from weeks before opening to assist you and your management with the following:

  • Education
  • Culture training
  • Contractor timeline and finish schedules
  • Punch list oversight
  • Procedure development
  • Operational issues
  • Troubleshooting

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