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Updating the image of your Salon or Spa


Is your concept looking old to not only you, but to your guests?

Are your guests asking for new services, products and treatments?

How can you offer them what they want without breaking the bank?

Which new treatments represent “fads” and which treatments have staying power-or the “fashion” mainstays that drive profitability?

For a nominal fee, we will evaluate the current dynamics of your business.

  1. Current menu
  2. Service sales by item and category
  3. Skincare and retail assortments
  4. Cost of goods per treatment
  5. Facility capability and capacity
  6. Internet marketing and web page
  7. Demographics of current client
  8. Analysis of pricing and services of competitors provided by you.

We call these the “8 to Evaluate”.  With this data, we will be able to tell you where you can make improvements, how to maximize service and retail sales, how to improve margins and more. Contact us here to discuss how we can improve your business’s image and performance.

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