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A look into the spa skincare company Kypris.

Scientifically based, sustainable and perfectly blended is a great way to describe Kypris, the spa skincare line. Many professional skincare lines are available to spas servicing a high-end guest.  If we had to pick our five favorite skincare lines in the world, Kypris Skincare would be one of them.  This line is a must-shop for higher end spa retail, spa boutiques and spa service assortments.  We became familiar with this brand last year at a Green Spa Network event. Their owner, Chase Polan is a true visionary in our industry and, has developed an amazing product line to mirror her vision. Clean, sustainable, using only the finest ingredients from across the planet are just a few selling points of this line. When working on your spa skincare assortment, spa service menu and spa retail assortment, it is so important to do your homework, understand what lines are available in each category, the price points and, the cost of goods on each service you are considering.  In addition, looking at local competitors helps to edit as you do not want to carry what key competitors do, if avoidable.  Kypris is an excellent choice on the higher end. If this natural skincare line is something that may work in your spa, contact Chase Polan directly via email. It is truly an amazing line. You will see on the questionnaire below the price points are in the Better Market range, meaning it may be a bit steep for many salons and day spas. There are also very selective about who they sell to in each market.

What we love:

Their elixirs (every single one of them) and their Moonlight Catalyst. We are hooked!!!

Retail Vendor Blog Questionnaire

Company Name:  KYPRIS Beauty

Company Contact: Chase Polan

Tell us about your company, the types of products you distribute and the types of facilities that purchase your products.

KYPRIS is a luxurious line of holistic, high performance skin care boasting organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown ingredients for gorgeous results and an ecstatic experience of your Beauty. We marry the best of sustainable botanicals hand-sourced from across the globe with the most advanced science for unparalleled results. KYPRIS currently offers a dynamic selection of targeted cleansers, serums, elixirs for face and body, treatment masks, and an SPF 30 treatment primer.  Our retail partners range from physicians, aestheticians, spas, apothecaries, med-spa concepts, lifestyle boutiques, and department stores.

What is your company’s vision or, the message you want to get across to your clientele?

KYPRIS is based on 5 founding principles:

1-       KYPRIS believes Beauty is a vital, spiritual experience of Love, acceptance, care, and pleasure.

2-       KYPRIS recognizes sustainability as both an environmental and social imperative. Beauty from Beauty.

3-       KYPRIS believes aging is a privilege and has little to do with how one looks or feels. In kind, our protocols focus on fulfilling self-care desires and targeted results.

4-       KYPRIS creates offerings for an ecstatic experience of your Beauty and Being. 

5-       KYPRIS is Beauty with a Soul supported by Science. Beauty. Soul. Science.

How long have you been in business? What inspired you to develop this brand?

KYPRIS was founded in 2011. As the founder, I wanted to create and offer a different experience of Beauty. Rather than selling to our clientele based on made-up problems or pseudo science or worse lies, I was inspired to work with a team of experts to blend scientific consensus and Natural wisdom to attend to our clients’ self-care desires, offer genuine care, and facilitate rituals of healing, somatic delight. You find this philosophy in everything from our sourcing practices to our formulations to our marketing to product directions and protocols.

What sets your company apart of the competitors in your category?

KYPRIS is distinct from other brands:

1-       Our concept of beauty: Beauty is an experience, rather than a goal. Feeling beautiful is a birthright; one KYPRIS seeks to embolden.

2-       KYPRIS formulas are a marriage of sustainably harvested botanicals from our back yard to across the globe blended with the most cutting edge science for unparalleled results.

3-       All KYPRIS formulas are highly targeted for specific results and experiences. We formulate to support skin’s physiology and holistic wellbeing. We do not offer short-term appearance improvement at the expense of long term health and beauty.

4-       KYPRIS exclusively manufactures in FDA and cGMP certified facilities in the US. We have complete transparency and control within our supply chain. Every ingredient is selected and approved by KYPRIS and every production component, batch, and finished good is tested for traceable quality assurance.

5-       All KYPRIS protocols are designed to ground the parasympathetic nervous system by connecting clients with Nature, within and out.

<3>Do you offer different brands or classifications of products?

We are a KYPRIS product exclusive. Our product classifications convey a well-balanced functional approach for daily ritual applications morning and night.  The classifications are cleansers, treatment masks, beauty elixirs, serums, protect & prime, and body.

What are your top five-selling products? What five products are must-buys when a spa or salon decides to add your line to their assortment?

The line sells very evenly. People tend to adopt full KYPRIS rituals once they understand the brand and our work.

If you believe in Pareto’s Principal in retail, it states 20% of your items represent 80% of your business. What are your 20% doing the predominance of your business?

The KYPRIS brand definitely does not fall into this category. We do not permit the line to be cherry picked. Spa and retail partners are expected to carry the full 11 SKU line as well as a minimum of 1 unit and a tester any future launches. Depending on demographics and location of the spa or retail partner, you see slight variations in product popularity trends.

What sets your technology or ingredients apart from similar brands?

1 – The Details

2 – The Cross Section of Scientific Consensus and Phytotherapy

3 – Unparalleled sustainability and sourcing practices

4 – Inclusive Formulas – theoretically pregnancy safe, etc etc

5 – The KYPRIS Ritual –

A Ritual of Self Discovery and Care:

1 – The Details Every botanical in KYPRIS products has been vetted for its growing practices, sourcing, procurement, and place of origin. We are intense believers that quality is in the details. One example: The Prickly Pear seed oil found in KYPRIS Beauty Elixirs, Body Elixir, Cleanser Concentrate, and Pot of Shade is wild crafted from the Arizona high desert by a woman-lead group in existence for nearly 40 years. KYPRIS worked with the wild crafting group to help bring this unique species of prickly pear seed oil, indigenous only to the southwestern US and Northern Mexico into the lab, into our products, and into the market. This species of Prickly Pear offers a more sustainable source of vitamin E with 100% to 150% the vitamin E of argan oil and an abundance of phytonutrients relative to industrialized prickly pear species such as the Opuntia ficus indica.

2 – The Cross Section of Scientific Consensus and Phytotherapy Given our sustainable ingredient sourcing standards and heavy use of green technology, I do not know of another brand doing similar work. KYPRIS is a true outlier and standard-bearer of sustainable, wellness- centric offerings. A few ingredient examples….. The CoQ10 you find in our Beauty Elixirs is a certified, bio-identical antioxidant made from yeast in an oxygen-free environment yielding a 100% pure, highly stable active that has shown to diminish the appearance of sun damage including the appearance of inflammation and hyperpigmentation. This source of CoQ10 has been tested most by NIH studies for a variety of applications from part of breast cancer protocols to topical care of diabetic ulcers. The technology used to create this CoQ10 was originally developed at MIT. The conditioning peptide found in our Moonlight Catalyst is sourced from a lab in South Korea at $300k per kilogram, which specializes in amino acid synthesis to create targeted actives for medical and cosmetic applications. It is a peptide derived from yeast and twice encapsulated for enhanced stability and delivery to skin to mimic the appearance of boosted EGF in skin.

3 – Unparalleled sustainability and sourcing practices The examples of our Prickly Pear, CoQ10, and Biomimetic Peptides demonstrate how little differences collectively amount to apparent distinctions and discernable benefits in each formula. You may find brands with a few key ingredients that sound familiar, but at KYPRIS we pay attention to each and every ingredient and its benefit to skin and the global community as we do not believe in formula-fillers or ‘throw away’ ingredients. If you want sustainable luxury, attention to detail, and scientifically established actives and formulas with no questionable ingredients ever, we are your gentle, yet results-driven best choice.

4 – Inclusive Formulas All KYPRIS formulas are theoretically safe for pregnant and nursing women and several of our offerings are appropriate for oncology aesthetics. In all unique health circumstances, we recommend practitioners to defer to the recommendations of each client’s physician or midwife. It is of paramount importance to KYPRIS that our offerings be as inclusive as possible of different body types, genetics, physiologies, and physical circumstances. As a company that got its start in the integrative and natural medical market, we seek to accommodate people in every phase and stage of their lives and provide a conduit of care and Beauty to as many people as possible.

5 – The KYPRIS Ritual – A Ritual of Self Discovery and CareSo often the term ‘ritual’ is used in lieu of ‘regimen.’ When we use the term ‘ritual’ we are not referencing a ‘regimen,’ we are referring to the work of meta-physicists, anthropologists, consciousness practitioners, and functional and holistic medicine. The KYPRIS concept of ritual is one of presence, discovery, and transcendence. You see this in our approach to care as well as the multitudinous ways our 11 offerings are a completely customizable assortment. Just as we evolve, our skin changes daily. At home care and treatments are customized during each application at home and in back bar. We empower clients at home and on the road to care for their evolving skin, and we empower estheticians to customize treatments as desired at each application.

Would you class your price-points as Mass Market, Moderate, Better or High-end?

KYPRIS is high-end considering the quality of formulations, its glass-only primary packaging, and 100% post consumer recycled paper secondary presentation.

What is your minimum opening order?

We have an array of opening order packages that serve the needs of each retail partner.  We want to accommodate accounts according to their location and size of clientele base. Please reach out with interest. Opening orders begin at $2500. We have a special, smaller package available for solo practitioners.

What types of support do you offer to your retailers? Do you offer rep support, on-line education, in-store collateral, YouTube training or other means of educating staff?

KYPRIS offers education both in-person and via GoToMeeting, education materials, online training, in-person training, events, marketing pieces for events, retail support commensurate with the property, as well as collaborative PR and Marketing initiatives. We take pride in our relationships with our spa and retail partners and want to support them for success.

What special offer would you have for any new clients generated from our blog? Can you provide a special code that can be given to customer service staff when a new order is placed?   If yes, please supply the offer and any specific information to need to pass on.

Please mention “Kathryn and Cecilia, the spa goddesses,” and we will gladly extend to you an additional $75 marketing credit with your opening order.

Do you have a list of selling points for spa and salon staff members?

We have an effective, detailed brand presentation that will supply the necessary brand and product knowledge. Within the brand presentation are points of difference to support effective selling. 

Are you open to retail contests to incent spa and salon staff members?

That is considered a per account evaluation, but in general, yes. 

What helpful hints or disciplines have you found usually always lead to a retail sale of your product at the end of a service?

KYPRIS approaches Beauty as a healing and restorative experience. Thorough product knowledge and care for clients is most effective for generating sales. We are in the business of teaching our clients how to love and care for themselves better. We believe in sharing quality information with a consultative approach both about use as well as what is in each product and why it’s effective. We collaborate with our retail and spa partners to build a loyal following who we adore with gifts and help you dote upon.

We so look forward to connecting with you! 

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