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If you feel confident enough to take the project on yourself, extensive timelines are available for purchase. Each spreadsheet contains very specific descriptions, start and finish times for hundreds of tasks necessary to be completed prior to opening. This is the most valuable tool you can purchase to help guide you through this labor-intensive process.

Products to Do-It-Yourself

Special note: These timelines are the exclusive property of Spa Advisors, Inc. All of these spreadsheets are meant for one-time use. If they are to be used for more than one property, permission must be obtained by the copyright holder, Spa Advisors, Inc.

Timeline for Day Spa

This is a 60-page timeline with detailed information and tasks directly related to opening a day spa which would include facial, massage, body, nail, hair and other specialty services.

Timeline for Nail Salon

This timeline makes opening a nail salon or nail spa easy. Everything you need to know or research is presented in a logical and informative fashion. This timeline will save you thousands of dollars in wasted time.

Timeline for Hair Salon

Opening a successful hair salon is a very difficult venture. Employees are paramount to the salon’s success and competition in this industry is fierce. Let us help you efficiently development your salon from start to finish with an extensive time addressing every area of development including space planning, lighting, design, flow, equipment, software, common areas and more.

Timeline for Resort Spa

This highly extensive timeline incorporate every aspect of new spa development within a spa facility along with the incorporation of marketing within the property, package and group sales issues, fitness center operations, integration of spa, salon, fitness and other programs under one roof and more.

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