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Performance of existing spas

How well is your salon or spa performing?

Is your bottom line where you want it to be? Is it possible to improve on what you have developed?

Existing spas or salons in need of specialized services relating to a variety of issues and challenges will benefit from our vast experience and proven solutions. We’ll show you how to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line. Our detailed review includes reviews of your areas of concern and key action steps to get your business back on track, or “jump start” it to a new level of performance.

We call our program the “Spa Performance 8 to Evaluate”.

We thoroughly review eight key elements within your salon or spa to determine where your profitability can be increased and where you are deficient. They include:

  1. Provider/Technician Productivity- Employee Remuneration and Space Rental evaluation.
  2. Non-revenue generating administrative expenses.
  3. Cost of Goods analysis-retail and service, inventory control, service menu evaluation and how these affect profitability.
  4. Expense Control and Performance Benchmarks coupled with cost saving suggestions.
  5. Service Sales, retail sales and their relation to the total.
  6. Marketing (print, social and other media).
  7. Facility and Resource Utilization Analysis.
  8. New potential revenue streams.

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