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Fixture, Furniture, Equipment, Electronics, Hardware and Software Selection


After the concept has been created, the floor plan drawn and rooms and services identified, the selection of professional equipment, both large and small begins. In addition, furniture and all interior decor items must be selected. We provide a detailed equipment list for each room utilizing the Good, Better, Best Concept based on your environment. From this, you select the equipment that best suits your preferences and budget. Only the best resources are used. Computerized reservations, Point-of-Sale, and inventory management systems: Which one of the myriad of systems currently on the market is right for you? Since this is a critical component of your spa operation, we help you make the right decision.

Detailed scope of work encompassed in this phase includes:

  • Selection of equipment based on Good, Better, Best Concept
  • Preferred list of equipment vendors with a strong reputation for service
  • Equipment specifications to architects and contractors
  • Coordination of delivery and installation of equipment
  • Review and recommend furniture fabrications throughout the facility
  • Provide detail lists of optional and mandatory signing
  • Coordination of demos for computerized system selections
  • Provide input on guest supply and amenity programs

Professional Service Product Procurement:

  • Identification of all professional product lines to be used in treatment. Negotiation of the best volume pricing available
  • Creation of Cost of Service Matrix for each service performed
  • Creation of professional inventory supply worksheets
  • Operational strategies for professional product distribution and use guidelines
  • Management training on professional inventory ordering, reorders, and par levels.

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