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Featured Vendor-Adoratherapy Aromatherapy Mood Boost & Chakra Sprays for Spa-Goers

A Look Into the Company ADORAtherapy®

Why Spa Advisors loves this aromatherapy line:

  1. Aromatherapy that smells amazing!
  2. It is narrow, focused and logically assorted. Three categories.
  3. Great price points for “Good” and “Better” retail categories.
  4. Loved by teens to boomers! My 14 year old loves it as much as I do!
  5. Retail footprint small but marketing materials make it stand out.
  6. Certified Vegan.  Not tested on animals.  Boxes made of recycled paper.
  7. Ingredients are what they categorize as “beyond organic”.
  8. Not overexposed and still a well-kept secret in the spa industry.

When you come across a line you know will be a home run, it is worth sharing.  This line is truly one that will knock your retail out of the ballpark. The line is narrow, easy to suggest back of house through a simple spray, is affordable for most and beautifully packaged. The line consists of three categories.  They include the following:

The Room Boost Collection

We know what you are thinking……another room spray?  These are different.  The line is narrow with only five Boosts in all:  Clear Away, Blissful, Passion, Abundance and Serene.  Full size sprays and travel size sprays are available.  We love their gift box called “Match Box” with one of each full-size product.  We love them all but our favorites:  Blissful Room Boost, Passion Room Boost and Serene Room Boost.  Take your favorite scent with you when you travel.  10ml sizes are perfect for in your travel bag.  Retails run around $30 to $35 at retail for full size and $15 for travel.

Chakra Spice Collection-Roll on.  Breath In.  Transform.

This is the product that caught our eyes, and olfactory system last year!  The perfect combination of pure essential oils and distilled water addresses each of our chakras with meaningful clarity.  Display units available with testers along with travel kits. Each corresponding scent is perfectly blended and includes:  Vitality, Creativity, Motivation, Joy, Communication, Clarity and Tranquility.   Full size roll-ons run $20 to $22 at retail with smaller sizes around $12 at retail.

Adoratherapy-Signature Mood Boost Collection. Spray.  Breathe.  Transform.

This is the line that put Adora and her ADORAtherapy onto retail shelves.  These sprays contain pure essential oils and distilled water.  They are clean, fragrant and the scent lasts.  Full size and purse size sprays mean you can take your favorites with you anywhere.  You pick your mood.  Seductive, Beautiful, Smart, Balanced, Inspired, Awake and Peaceful.   Each is blended skillfully to stimulate that part of your brain that controls mood.  Gift sets are available and travel kits containing the perfect blend for any busy working woman.  Gal on the Go is our favorite and contains one of each Mood Boost in travel size.  Prices run from $20 to $22 at retail for full size and around $12 for travel.

Why Adoratherapy?

Vendor Name:  ADORAtherapy®

Mood Boost Contact Information

Adora Winquist-Founder & Chief Mood Booster (201-874-8319)

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