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Featured Spa & Fitness Retail Vendor #2 -RAD Roller can help massage therapists retail

RAD Roller

Want ideas on how to help massage therapists retail products?  If you want your massage therapists to sell, give them something that may be of interest to them, especially those specializing in Sports and Deep Tissue massage modalities.  Why does Spa Advisors, Inc.  love RAD Roller products?  Simply because these items can be easy to retail for most day spas with a heavy focus on massage, movement studios, fitness studios, medical spas and more.  These do-it-yourself tools do not replace therapists.  They simply allow you to continue their work and principles at home.  RAD Roller has created YouTube videos and other avenues to train both operators and the consumers on the use this apparatus.  With a daughter into high level tumbling, injuries are the norm.  This tool kit allows her the ability to work on some of her issues at home. You will find answers to most of your questions on their website.  Make sure you call Tyler directly to place your order.  If you aren’t sure whether or not this is right for your facility, order the All In Kit.  The quality is great and part of what you are paying for is access to their studies and information.  The link below will take you to the website.  Wholesale purchases need to go through RAD for the initial purchase. We hope this line will layer in retail opportunities for massage therapists, yoga and Pilate’s instructors and more. RAD Roller WEBSITE / SHOP NOW

Vendor Blog Questionnaire

Company Name: RAD

Company Contact: Tyler Herring

Telephone: 866-247-3241_ext. 8


What is your company’s vision or, the message you want to get across to your clientele?

VISION: Unleashing human movement. MISSION: To improve body movement and propel radical lives through innovative tools and education.

How long have you been in business? What inspired you to develop this brand?

RAD was founded in 2013 by a biomechanics expert who saw a need in the marketplace for innovative mobility tools designed with the body in mind. We now have a presence in 35+ countries including [insert 3 cool countries], with an Education platform to complement our award- winning recovery tools.

What sets your company apart of the competitors in your category?

RAD Products are high quality, point specific, travel friendly, patent pending and come with a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind our products. Crafted to fit into nooks and crannies for maximum release and relief, we stand by our innovative products with a lifetime guarantee. Using high quality materials and our patent-pending design, all of our tools are designed to be light and compact enough for you to take with you on-the-go.

What are your top five-selling products? What five products are must-buys when a spa or salon decides to add your line to their assortment?

RAD Roller 2. All In Kit 3. RAD Helix 4. RAD Rounds 5. RAD Rod.  The ALL-IN KIT offers complete body relief and is ideal for spa and salon accounts.

What sets your technology or ingredients apart from similar brands?

Being light and compact enough to take with you everywhere.  Being designed with the anatomy in mind. Being made of high quality materials that are safe for the body.

Would you class your price-points as Mass Market, Moderate, Better or High-end?


What is your minimum opening order?

We have multiple pricing structures and starting packages with Point of Purchase displays, starting at 12 quantities for sku.

What special offer would you have for any new clients generated from our blog? Can you provide a special code that can be given to customer service staff when a new order is placed?

Free Shipping for any opening order that references Spa Advisors blog.

Do you have a list of selling points for spa and salon staff members?

Yes along with an in depth sales video for staff to learn about the company and products

Are you open to retail contests to incent spa and salon staff members?


What helpful hints or disciplines have you found usually always lead to a retail sale of your product at the end of a service?

Educating the consumer on Self-care and how they can benefit from it.

Come hell or high tension, RAD is here to teach everybody and everybody a thing or two about how the world is meant to move. Our muscle-mastering massage, mobility and recovery tools are some of most innovative ever created. RAD means release. RAD means forward motion. RAD means feeling better, freeing restrictions and getting to the root of relief. We work with multiple markets such as spa, wellness, Medical and fitness to help everyone and everybody move more freely.

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