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Booker Software for Spa Facility Management

Why is spa software so important to your success?

You opened your business to pursue your passion and not to tie yourself down with tedious tasks. Focusing your attention on what’s important – growing your business, marketing, and taking care of your clients should be what you do.  Cumbersome paper tracking systems do not allow this. Setting up your business with spa software system containing an electronic booking system, inventory system, payroll system, and reporting system is imperative. In addition, ideally those will interface with large accounting software packages like QuickBooks. Whether you run a small two-room facility or a large facility with twenty-five rooms or more, Booker is your solution.  The days of handwritten receipts and appointment books are past for a large segment of our industry.  Still, many work the “old-fashioned” way for a variety of reasons, none logical in our opinion.  The set up is easier than you would think.

Why switch from paper books and handwritten receipts?

  • More accurate accounting of cash and credit card payments
  • Client data center to keep track of every client
  • Client history for service and retail purchases
  • Credit card processing
  • Standing and re-booking capabilities
  • Notes sections for important client data
  • Online booking capabilities for clients
  • Easy set up-You set it up the way you book appointments.
  • Set up your services, time and pricing for easy access.

Cloud-based or Server-based systems?

Cloud-based software systems are not new, but a must for those who want access from anywhere, 24/7 online access, with strong social media integration.  Server-based systems still exist and run quite well; however, we highly recommend Cloud-based systems for new operations and those not forced to interface with other hotel systems, etc. Our Cloud-based system of choice:  Booker Software. There are several out there; however, none as strong as Booker. Use this link to see the system and receive a discount.

Why Brooker Software?

Booker serves a variety of business types in the salon, spa and medical spa industries.  They offer very competitive monthly pricing and have one of the more reliable platforms.  As with any software, they have had their glitches.  When they happen, they leap into action to get them rectified and communicate the issues to their many clients. Booker is reasonably price and allows you to select only what you need.  Their client retention program, Frederick is very strong also.  You will find a demo of that with the Booker demo.  Their credit card processing fees are reasonable and negotiable in some cases.  Frankly, small booth rental facilities and booth renters will also benefit from this software.  Allow your clients to schedule their own appointments or, contact you to work them in.  You can charge them via an Ipad, computer or telephone.  As you would use a limited amount of services, your pricing would likely be the lowest.  Set up your company Facebook page and place the scheduling button on that page.

As social media and the Internet become even more important tools in a spa or salon’s arsenal, having the ability for customers to find you on-line, pull up your web page on their phones, then book their appointment is a must.  A larger and larger percentage of business is being generated via on-line booking platforms so having this feature is a must.  It is so easy to add this function to your web page and your Facebook page.Retail modules in spa software are never those desired by large chain retailers; however, when used as it should be, it is correct and functions well.  It is a great tool.  They continue to make improvements here also.

Types of businesses Booker serves:

  • – Spa, Day Spa, Med Spa
  • – Hair Salon
  • – Waxing/threading
  • – Eyelash Extensions
  • – Blowout Bar
  • – Nail Salon
  • – Esthetics
  • – Massage therapy
  • – Cryotherapy
  • – Floatation Therapy
  • – Infrared Sauna
  • – and more!

Vendor Blog Questionnaire:


We are one of the leading cloud-based spa/salon software out there and have the experience to prove it: we have been around since 2007.   Booker is the leading cloud-based software for salons and spas. Booker empowers businesses with the tools to grow sales, get new customers, and simplify daily operations. With Booker, you can: Take bookings online, on social, and on mobile Keep your clients coming back with loyalty and retention marketing Manage POS, credit card processing, and e-commerce Expand your reach through powerful Booker Marketing Network integrations Report on revenue, bookings, retails, staff, and marketing

Interested in learning more about Booker?  Take a demo and receive a discount!

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