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Spa Skincare and Spa Retail-Dermalactives and Spa Advisors Retail Blog Post #4

Spa Skincare and Spa Retail-Dermalactives and Spa Advisors Retail Blog Post #4

A look into the company, Dermalactives

This is a spa retail line that is mostly used in the spa industry, but have not yet been heard about by everyone. The price points are not for the faint-of-heart; however, the active ingredients, scent, and unique characteristics of each product make the line worth a look. A price list is available through Erin.

Let me tell you why we love their products for spa retail!

24K Gold Fusion Mask-Truly amazing!! I have never removed a mask with a magnet before, but it was worth the try!  It is imperative to read the directions but the results were clear. This will be a great selling piece for your spa retail department. Eye Cream-I am someone who believes that every guest should be recommended an eye cream, whether they are twenty or seventy. The eyes are one of the first places you see age. This product delivers. This is a must for your spa retail! Non Surgical Solution Kit- This kit comes with a Non Surgical Collagen Solution and a Hydro Silk Moisturizer. We love the hypodermic type packaging, assuring the product stays fresh and clean and dispensed only as needed. Purifying Facial Peel-This product is a wonderful spa use or home use product. Dispense this thick clear gel onto your face. Massage lightly. Suddenly it liquefies and the dead skin cell layer is literally rolled off your skin. Thermal X Heating Mask-Truly sensory stimulating and great results! Check out the You Tube video to learn more. How could you not add this to your spa retail?!?!

Packaging-The containers used for this product are exquisite, and expensive. This obviously is reflective in the product's price. They are show pieces that will heighten the look of your spa retail area. The outer packaging is so amazing that we didn't want to recycle them but kept them. Every box tells the story for each product and they are some of the nicest in the industry. For spas that are truly "Green", the packaging is counter-intuitive. This is definitely prestige skin care competing at that level. Dermalactives is new to the spa distribution channel and are just now working on their service protocols. Stay tuned for more info on this. This line is for high-end spas and resorts where product price points surpassing $350 is not an issue. To buy a regimen for a client 50+, the price could exceed $2500. This is truly a niche line, for that celebrity clients or discerning guest that understands prestige skin care and understands the pricing associated with it.

Vendor Blog Questionnaire:

Company Name: Dermalactives Inc. 

Company Contact: Erin McIntyre 

Telephone: 949-291-0819 Email:

Tell us about your company, the types of products you distribute and the types of facilities that buy your products:
We are a high-end skin care line, utilizing natural and highly effective ingredients. We sell to spas and have an e-commerce site where we sell direct to consumers. Our products have been well-received by spa and are now developing spa service protocols also, enabling back bar use in high-end environments.
What is your company’s vision or, the message you want to get across to your clientele?
The Best in Luxury Skincare made for not only Anti-aging but also for Preventative care. Our formulations include both Elastin and Collagen as well as plant stem cells, Vitamin C, we have Multi tasking Formulas with beautiful packaging to also.
How long have you been in business?
 5+ years
What sets your company apart of the competitors in your category?
We want to give the customer the satisfaction of enjoying a luxury skin care line that makes them feel pampered as well as help them make their skin care goals for younger healthier brighter skin. We want them to take home the Dermalactives brand and keep them out on their counter because the packaging is so beautiful, reminding them of the bit of Luxury they get each day when taking care of skin.
Do you offer different brands or classifications of products?
We offer “Dermalactives”, Private Label Manufacturing and “Rajeunir” Black Caviar
What are your top five-selling products? What five products are must-buys when a spa or salon decides to add your line to their assortment?
#1 ) Thermal X 
 #2) Illuminating 24K Gold 
 #3) Fusion Mask, 
 #4) Purifying Triple Power Collagen Facial Peel 
 #5) Eye Lifting Solution
Would you class your price-points as Mass Market, Moderate, Better or High-end?
High End
What is your smallest opening order?
What types of support do you offer to your retailers? Do you offer rep support, on-line education, in-store collateral, YouTube training or other means of educating staff?
Rep- Support, In-store Collateral, We are currently building education videos but do not yet have.
What special offer would you have for any new clients generated from our blog? Can you offer a special code that can be given to customer service staff when a new order is placed?
10% off of opening order of $1000.00, SpaAdvisorsWelcome10 Please send all interest to and we can get New Accounts set up in system
Are you open to retail contests to incent spa and salon staff members?

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