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Michael McMillan takes the reigns at Chadsworth & Haig

Michael McMillan takes the reigns at Chadsworth & Haig

Michael McMillan takes the reigns at Chadsworth & Haig, a key resource for robes and uniforms in the spa industry. 

Spa Advisors would like to say congratulations to Michael McMillan, the new Executive Vice President for Chadsworth and Haig.  Michael has been our key contact for robes over the past twenty years!  Now back with Chadsworth and Haig, we look for Michael to continue his high level of customer service to spa industry professionals.

Chadsworth and Haig offers a very high-quality robe at great prices for operational supplies and retail for spas, resorts, hotels and more.  We are proud to recommend Michael and his amazing company!  He has never let us down!

Not only does Chadsworth & Haig sell robes, they sell towels, uniforms, fun logoed bears and more.  They are expanding into other categories, making them a one-stop shop!

You will find Michael’s contact information below.  Before you buy a robe, make sure you check with Chadworth and Haig first.  We encourage you to contact Michaels directly.  He has an extensive background in hotel and spa operations alike.  He can help you find the robes, linen and uniforms right for you, at great prices!

To view their online catalog, click this link
Chadswoth & Haig spa robes and uniforms

Promo Alert!

New customers contacting Chadsworth and Haig directly and refer to this post will receive 5% off the blank robe and free digitizing of their logo.  Promo: Spa Advisor

Vendor Blog Questionnaire

Company Name: Chadsworth & Haig

Company Contact: Michael McMillan

Telephone: 702-426-3667   Email:

Tell us about your company, the types of products you distribute and the types of facilities that purchase your products.
·         ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Chadsworth & Haig is the leader in the market today with superior quality, in house embroidery, and exceptional stock levels. We produce and sell, Bathrobes, Towels, Blankets, Teddy bears and uniforms
What is your company’s vision or, the message you want to get across to your clientele?
·       Our clients are always treated like family. Even if you need help on a weekend, we are here to help.  In addition, we would like our customers to be confident that they are purchasing the finest robes, towels, throws, teddy bears and shirts in industry.
How long have you been in business?  What inspired you to develop this brand?
·       17 years -    Our goal was to produce product of superior quality and workmanship, which      would exceed the demands of the most discerning spa directors and their guests.
What sets your company apart of the competitors in your category?
·       In-house embroidery, quickest delivery in the industry, no minimums, a relentless dedication to making our customers successful.  
Do you offer different brands or classifications of products?
·       We offer an entire line of knit & woven shirts, robes, towels, throws, teddy bears.
What are your top five-selling products?  What five products are must-buys when a spa or salon decides to add your line to their assortment? 
·       Doeskin Microfiber bathrobes, Microplush bathrobes, Towels, blankets /throws and teddy bears and Polo shirts
Pareto’s Principal states:  20% does 80%.    What are the 20% doing the predominance of your business?

·       MPR3000, DSM4000, DJR2000, DJT7100, Towels, performance polos

What sets your technology or ingredients apart from similar brands?
·       In house embroidery and the largest stock levels in the industry today.
  Would you class your price-points as Mass Market, Moderate, Better or High-end?  
·       Better
Chadswoth & Haig teddy bear collection
 What is your minimum opening order?
·       One piece
 What types of support do you offer to your retailers?  Do you offer rep support, on-line education, in-store collateral, YouTube training or other means of educating staff?
·       One on one training on how to merchandise, display, sell and care for the product.

Promo Alert!

·      New customers contacting Chadsworth and Haig directly and refer to this post will receive 5% off the blank robe and free digitizing of their logo.  Promo: Spa Advisor

Do you have a list of selling points for spa and salon staff members?   
·       5-7-day shipping, more colors and sizes, in house embroidery, largest stock levels in the industry and same day shipping of VIP requirements.
Are you open to retail contests to incent spa and salon staff members?
·       Yes
What helpful hints or disciplines have you found usually always lead to a retail sale of your product at the end of a service?
·       The quality of the product and how it performs in the spa during their treatment.  Guests can bring that luxurious, relaxed feeling home to enjoy every day. 


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